E-Scooter Rental

Price of the Electric Scooter

The electric scooters are new in our shop. Because of this they are almost like new.  We rent them for 30 euro for 1 day. We give a discount for 2 days. The Price is  50 euro for 2 days.

If you want to try the scooters for a few hours it is possible aswell! We rent them for 6 euro a hour.


What is included?

The electric scooters are included lights, helmets, charger and an amazing motor. The motor of the electric scooter can get to an máximum of 30 km/hour. When you leave the shop the battery is of course fully charged. A fully charged battery can drive more or less 25 kilometers.


To lock up

Pay attention that it is not possible to lock an electric scooter. The electric scooter has an easy fold system so you can always carry it easy with you. This fold system is perfect for elevators or stairs.



When the electric scooter is getting stolen you need to pay back the electric scooter of 350 euro. It doesn´t happen to often but it can always happen. If you want to feel more secure you can take an insurance. If the electric scooter is getting stolen and you have the insurance you only need to pay back 50 euro instead of the 350 euro. The insurance is 3 euro for each electric scooter a day.



When you arrive to the shop it is important to leave one ID/driver license or  50 euro deposit for each Electric Scooter.