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Bike Tour Valencia

Low Cost Bike Rental offers every day this bike tour open for everyone, it doesn’t need to be a group or a minimum number of people, you can even make your reservation for one person!! Our proffesional guides will answer during the Valencia bike tour every question for you!


Route Biketour

We go first during the bike tour through the city center of Valencia. We will see the best highlights of the old and the new city center. We are going to see for example the city hall square and the square of the virgin. We will explain ofcourse all the buildings arround this square!

After the city center, we will bike in the Turia Garden. The Turia Garden is a 9 kilometer long park. This park is full with beautifull trees, playgrounds,bridges, buildings, bicycle lanes and many more things! In the Turia garden of Valencia we will bike in the direction of the City of Science and Art. On our way we will see a lot of things. We will see for example Palau de la Música and the playground of Gulliver.

In the City of Science and Art we will explain and show you every building. We will even do a Little experiment that has something to do with the design of the science musea. After the City of Science and Art we will return back towards the shop.

The Price of The biketour is 25 euro a person.

The start location of the tour is at our shop Low Cost Bike Rental, Calle Alicante 21 in Valencia.

We offer tours in English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. The tour in German is only possible for big groups, E-mail us for more information about tours in German.

The tour takes a total of 3 hours. The tour starts at 9.55 untill 13.00.