Bike tours in Valencia

In collaboration with the company Doyoubike Rental, we offer daily bike tours in Valencia! The tours are suitable for young and old. We offer different tours like a City tour where you will see the highlights of the city.

Morning Bike Tour, Valencia

The bike tour includes a bike through the old town of Valencia, where we will see the Plaza de la virgen, cathedral and Torres de Serranos. After this, We will then head to the Turia Garden, where we will bike to the City of Arts and Sciences. Once there, we will contemplate the quiet Calatrava complex and finally return to the city center.

Evening Bike Tour

The evening bike tour starts at 18.00. During this bike tour, you will see all the highlights of the city of Valencia. You will bike through the city center, The park and the city of science and art. This is the cheapest bike tour of Valencia for only 20 euro a person! It is cheap, but the quality is high as well. Our professional tour guide will show you in a nice and relaxed way the city Valencia.

Included in the Tour

If you book one of our bicycle tours, several things are included. Of course, we won't send you out empty-handed!


The bike is included in the tour. Fortunately, you don't have to run alongside our tour guide

Tour Guide

The tour includes a tour guide. You will ride with the guide, and he will show you the highlights of Valencia. He will also explain everything about the city!

3 hours of fun

Our tour guides will do their best to let you enjoy as much as possible during the bike tour!

Extra Options

With the tour, you can also choose to take additional options.

While booking, you can choose to include any of these options.

For 5 euros per person, you can rent the bike for the whole day.

For 1 euro you have a bottle of water of no less than 1 liter!

For 1 euro extra,For 12.50 euros you have a baby seat and entrance for the child! you have a helmet!

For 12.50 euros you have a baby seat and entrance for the child!

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