Must see in Valencia

You are new in Valencia, but not fully sure what to see in the city yet? We wrote down our top 6 of places in Valencia you should see!

Jardin de Montfort

Jardin de Montfort is one of the most secret gardens in Valencia. It is a really beautiful and romantic garden close to the city center! When you enter this garden, you will be in an oasis of relaxation. This garden is surrounded by a big Wall that close it off from the city. It is one of the reasons why it is hard to find the garden by coincidence.

Torres de Serranos

Torres de Serranos is one of the old protection towers in Valencia. It was before used to protect the city Valencia, but right now it is a

beautiful tower that you can climb. This tower has 140 stairs in total until

you will be at the top. When you are on the top of this tower, you have a

stunning view over the city center of Valencia!

Turia Park

The Turia park is a 9 km long park that goes through Valencia. It is one big Green stroke with many activities. An outside fitness, Football fields, a running path, bicycle lanes and many more things! This is the perfect place to relax or sport without having the feeling you are in a big city.

Ciudad de les arts

This is the modernistic area of the city. It is designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. In this location you can see a IMAX movie, Do

experiments in the science musea or watch an opera concert in Palau de les arts. This place has many events, and it is stunning to watch. One tip, take a look when it is dark. They Light up all the buildings in the night and the view is stunning.

Beach of Valencia

The beach is quite far from the city center. If you are in the city center, we recommended that you take a bike or the bus. At the beach you will find a bright beach with a nice boulevard. One tip, take a look in marina beach. It is a really nice beach bar in daytime and a nice nightclub during the night.

Neighborhood Rusaffa

Rusaffa is the neighborhood just under the city center. This

neighborhood is full of restaurants and bars. Almost every Street you go you will find a lot of them. Check out our page Restaurants and bars for some nice tips in this neighborhood or other neighborhoods.

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