Bars & Clubs in Valencia

Are you looking for a place to take a drink or maybe even go dancing in a club? We wrote down our personal favorites. Take a look for yourself and see if you agree with us!

St Patricks

This is an Irish pub in the neighborhood Rusaffa. The

interior of this pub is typical Irish with fun quotes written on the Wall and

you can choose between 12 different beers. They often have on this location live music and normally everyone inside this bar will speak English.

Alta 6

This bar is a typical small Italian bar. Inside the bar you will see paintings on the Wall that you can buy. They have inside the bar as well a table full of games, so if you feel like a game of scrabble or a drinking game, this is possible!

Big ben

This bar is in the neighborhood Blasco Ibañes. Inside the bar you will see a typical English interior. It is a big bar with a pool table, darts and table football. Outside They have a big terrace. On the terrace there

is a lot of space for a lot of people.


This is a club inside the city of science and arts. When you arrive, you will see that this club is in the open air. You are dancing in the

middle of a modernistic garden. It is possible to go downstairs from the garden as well, and there you arrive in another club with the name MYA.

Marina Beach

This club is at the beach. It is an open air nightclub. Inside this club you will discover that there are swimming pools with a beautiful view over the beach. In daytime, it is possible to dinner on this location. But in the night it turns into a nightclub with a lot of laser shows.

El Carmen

El Carmen is the old neighborhood in the city center. In this area it is full of bars and small clubs. The entrance of most of the clubs in this area is free. You can hop easy from one small club into the other. Nice clubs in this area are Foox Congo, Bolseria and Unic.

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