Bike/E-Scooter Rules

If you rent a bike or an electric-scooter in Valencia it is important to know the rules as well! In the table you can find some bicycle rules in Valencia. These rules are specific about your location on the road! We hope this will help you  to drive with a more confident feeling in Valencia!



Drive on the road

Driving on the side walk

Drive on the bicycle lane

Driving on squares


Driving against the traffic



Rules and Recommendations for traveling around Valencia by Bike or Electric Scooter.

  • In Valencia you need to drive on the bikelanes and the road.
  • On the road you are only allowed to go in the same direction as the traffic.
  • It is advised to pay close attention at intersections.
  • When riding in Valencia you need to be always visible. In the Night you need to use the lights on your E-scooter or bike.
  • It is forbidden to use headphones or mobiles on the bike or E-scooter in Valencia.
  • It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk.
  • On the road and the bike lanes you need to pay attention to the Street and yield signs.


How to park a bike in Valencia

There are metal bars all over the city Valencia. They are specific to park the bikes. When there is nothing available within 50 meters of your destination ori f they are all occupied, you can lock the bike against the urban furniture.  (except building elemets, trees and lamp posts).